So i reached out to IK Multimedia to see if they would send me some recording gear to test and do a review on and they agreed to send me the iKlip A/V. hopefully i’ll be able to get this before ECCC. because i’d totally would use it for videoing cosplayers and other con goers at the convention center and probably walking around downtown from their hotel to the convention. crossing my fingers that i get to keep the product. you never know, they might see fit to let me keep things they send me to test and review right? ok maybe not but one can hope right?

so keep an eye out for my review of the gear they send me. maybe if i do good they will send me other things to play with and review, i’m hoping i can get my hands on the iRig Mic Studio. like in the picture below.

click this to find out more about what they have and sell.
IK Multimedia Poducts


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