So I got the iKlip A/V sent to me in the mail yesterday and immediately started to set it up with my iPhone and made sure I had iRig recorder installed. After I got it all setup and plugged in my XLR mic, I hit record and did some straight audio and then some video.

Overall it’s Easy to use and so is the software. Totally worth the cost of $179.99 which is cheaper than my less portable setup that I use for podcasting.

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Then when I was done with my iPhone I switched to my Galaxy Note 2 and made sure I had the iRig recorder installed. Because my phone has KitKat (Android version 4.4.2) I had an older version in the Google Play Store to install. This version did not do video so I used a 3rd party app to record video. But I did record audio from the version of iRig recorder for that version of Android.


The iKlip A/V has a clip to securely attach your smartphone to it to take video or straight audio and would also work great for photos as it keeps your hands and fingers away from the lense.

The XLR port is in the top of the handle. The gain is a vo and the power switch which also provides phantom power to specific kinds of mics along with the battery compartment (2 AA were included). All were located in the handle


here are some of the features it has.

  • Professional audio and video broadcast recording system for smartphones
  • XLR mic preamp with phantom power and gain
  • Integrated wireless receiver support
  • 1/8” TRRS analog audio output
  • Headphone output for real-time monitoring
  • Standard UNC 1/4”-20 tripod and camera mount threads
  • Powered by two standard AA batteries (be sure to always install fresh batteries when recording specially if you are unsure of how old the batteries are.)

Shop Now at

Below is a couple of videos i did using the iKlip A/V and some audio.

There is definitely a difference in the video on the galaxy note 2 vs. iphone 5c


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